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Launching is ideal here with public toilets and a large sheltered sandy beach for all levels of kayakers to explore and find confidence. If you would like a trip across the short channel to Eynhallow (Norse – meaning the holy isle) careful tidal planning is required but is achievable for intermediate paddlers.

There are strong tides and spectacular over falls at certain tidal states but with knowledge these are easily avoided.

From Eynhallow sound the island of Rousay is accessible, nick named “The Egypt of the North” it has literary hundreds of archaeological sites dating back more than 5,000 years in just a few miles of it coastline! Rousay also has spectacular cliffs, caves and an exposed west coast, navigated on a long day trip or an overnight camping expedition.

Launching in Evie gives the option of a much more sedate exploration of the coast is whether you are an absolute beginner or would like to gain a little more confidence in your tidal work in safe environment.

Launching at Evie
Surf landing on Eynhallow ( The Holy Isle)
Looking east from Eynhallow