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The Churchill Barriers were built by Italian Prisoners of war during the Second World War after the tragic sinking of HMS Royal Oak in 1939.
These days it gives excellent shelter either from the west or east winds which is fantastic for beginners or experienced alike.

Before the barriers were built, dozens of ships were sunk in the channels between the islands in an early attempt to stop the German navy from entering. These hulks of steel ships are now part of the landscape and the environment and are home to an abundance of sea life and nesting birds.

In the correct tidal states you can paddle right into the hull of the ships!
A short paddle to the huge sandy beach called Bu’ in Burray takes us away from civilisation for a while or we can take our kayaks up the shore below Orkney’s only wine company where you can buy local ice cream or sample J. Gow Rum, distilled right there on the small island of Lambs Holm!

Exploring the remains of an old navigation beacon in Skerry Sound which was removed before WW1 to help protect the British Naval fleet in Scapa Flow
Exploring the inside of The Reginald
Hauled up on the skerry where the old navigation beckon once sate